Health Screenings Chester CountyEarly detection can save lives. Learning your risk factors for such chronic health conditions such as cancer, heart disease or stroke can help prevent future illness and disability. At Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA, our healthcare screenings all utilize guidelines from national health organizations to categorize risk and recommend appropriate lifestyle change and/or medical follow up. Skilled health professionals and, where appropriate, board-certified physicians conduct all screenings. You will receive a copy of your screening results and receive educational material aimed at keeping you well.

Click the Links Below to Learn More About Upcoming Screenings at Locations All Across Chester County, PA:

  • Blood Pressure Screenings

    Chester County Hospital offers free monthly blood pressure screenings at various locations. No appointments are necessary.

  • Breast Cancer Screenings

    Free breast cancer screenings are offered twice a year to women over 40 who do not have health insurance.

  • Cancer Risk Evaluation Program (Genetic Counseling)

    The Cancer Risk Evaluation Program (CREP) at The Abramson Cancer Center at Chester County Hospital is specifically designed for men and women who want information about their personal risk for developing gastrointestinal, breast or ovarian cancer based upon genetics and other factors.

  • Cardiac Calcium Score Screening

    This 10-minute non-invasive computerized tomography study detects deposits of plaque in the walls of the heart (an early sign of heart disease).

  • Cardiovascular Heart Screenings Chester County

    Heart Tracks - Cardiovascular Health Screenings

    This comprehensive cardiovascular screening includes cholesterol and HDL testing, blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage testing and more.

  • Fall Risk Assessment Screenings

    Seniors and residents with mobility issues can meet with injury prevention experts to learn how to prevent falls and take steps to decrease your risk for falling.

  • Hydration Screenings

    Chester County Hospital offers free hydration screenings for Seniors at various sites throughout the community.

  • Lung Cancer Screening Program

    Low-Dose CT Lung Screening can lower the risk of death from lung cancer by 20% and has proven to be effective in detecting lung cancer early, when it's most treatable. This screening is particularly recommended for adults between the ages of 55 and 77 who smoke or have a family history of lung cancer.

  • Online Cardiac Risk Assessment

    Online Heart Risk Assessment

    This easy online tool collects your health information and evaluates your risk for heart disease and provides recommendations for next steps.

  • Stroke Screenings

    Find out if you are at risk of stroke by participating in this simple screening program.

  • Urgent Mammograms

    A suspicious lump can create worry. Don’t delay—have it checked out by taking advantage of our rapid appointment program to schedule an appointment quickly.

  • Vascular Screening

    Peripheral Vascular Disease is a serious disease that affects millions of Americans over age 50. Early signs can be screened, caught and treated before problems occur.

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