The birth of a baby is a precious and important moment in the life of a family. Although your due date may seem far ahead in the future, you will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly the time passes.

At Chester County Hospital, we have designed our family-centered Maternal/Infant Health Services to focus on you, your family, and your new baby. Our facility and the services we offer will help facilitate your care, from prenatal testing and birthing support to postpartum and newborn care.

Our Maternal/Infant Health Services team consists of highly skilled, board-certified obstetricians, neonatologists, nurse practitioners, and nurses who excel in the warm, compassionate care that is typical of a community-based hospital.

When selecting a hospital in anticipation of a new baby, expecting parents know that quality care is the most important consideration, and they choose the hospital that offers the safest environment for their newborn's arrival. That is why more babies are delivered at Chester County Hospital than any other hospital in the County. Maternal/Infant Health Services at Chester County Hospital have been designed with clinical quality in mind.


Maternal and Infant Health

As you begin to think about the whirlwind of welcoming a new baby into your family and the important choices to be made about maternity health-care providers, you want to know that, beyond good care, you and your new little one will be in expert hands.

At Chester County Hospital, we proudly deliver more than 2,600 babies each year. Our aim is to offer every family a positive and comfortable hospital experience. Through our caring physicians, nurses, and maternity team as well as our comprehensive childbirth education programs, we are committed to providing you and your newborn the kind of care that reflects the importance of this life-changing event.

Comprehensive Services
Our obstetric care, nationally regarded for exceptional clinical quality and outcomes, includes Maternal and Fetal Medicine for high-risk pregnancies, reproductive endocrinology for couples trying to become pregnant, and well-trained obstetricians for our pregnant mothers-to-be.

Our comprehensive array of childbirth services includes our Labor and Delivery Unit, Mother and Baby Pavilion, and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our partnership with the world-renowned Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, through CHOP Newborn Care, guarantees our patients exceptional maternity and infant healthcare services.

Family-Centered Approach
Our maternity program has been designed with the entire family in mind and with the flexibility to meet the needs of the diverse community we serve. Our facility and our services help facilitate your care from prenatal testing and birthing support to postpartum and newborn care. Chester County Hospital is committed to providing a warm and family atmosphere to help welcome newborns into the world.


University of Pennsylvania Health System, Department of Ob/Gyn
Chester County Hospital's Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania Health System's Department of Ob/Gyn, bringing Penn specialists to prospective parents in Chester County.

CHOP Newborn Care
Chester County Hospital's Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is operated as part of the CHOP Newborn Care program, a unique affiliation between Chester County Hospital and the The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

About the Unit

The Parke Maternal/Infant Health Unit is named for Mrs. Helen Wade Parke in honor of a significant donation she made to Chester County Hospital to build the facility. The evolution of the Maternal/Infant Health Unit was also funded through a Longwood Foundation grant and a donation from the Women's Auxiliary to Chester County Hospital. Their generosity ensures that future lives will enjoy a healthy and comfortable start in the world.

Obstetrics and Chester County Hospital

For more information about obstetricians on the Medical Staff at Chester County Hospital, call our Physician Referral Service at 800-789-PENN (7366) or visit the Find a Doctor section of our website.



In This Section

Maternity Philosophy of Care

Our vision for maternity services focuses on a belief that each patient is unique and requires individual attention, coaching, and guidance to achieve a positive childbirth experience.

Baby Friendly Initiative

Chester County Hospital in West Chester, PA has implemented policies and best care practices related to making your baby's transition from life inside your womb to the outside world as gentle, healthy and safe as possible.

Labor and Delivery Unit

Your birthing experience at Chester County Hospital begins with the warm and welcoming environment of our Labor and Delivery Unit.

Neonatology and Moore NICU

Our neonatologists are specialists who treat babies who are born prematurely, experience respiratory problems at birth, or may require additional observation and treatment due to complications. These special newborns receive care in our award-winning, Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

The Moore Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

At the Moore Neonatal Intesive Care Unit, our neonatologists treat babies who are born prematurely, experience respiratory problems at birth or may require additional observation and treatment due to complications. These special newborns receive care in our award-winning, Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Chester County Hospital offers Maternal and Fetal Medicine Services specifically designed to treat complicated and high risk pregnancies.

Breastfeeding Resources

Community resources for breastfeeding including names, phone numbers and websites of professionals who can help with your breastfeeding questions or concerns.

Childbirth Education Classes

Chester County Hospital offers a comprehensive Childbirth Education Program intended to meet the needs of first-time and experienced parents in Chester County, PA and the surrounding region. We offer a wide variety of classes to help prepare the entire family in welcoming the newborn.

Mother and Baby Pavilion

Following your delivery, a nurse will escort you and your baby to one of our private maternity suites featuring many amenities for you, your baby and your family.

Nursery Discharge Information

Important information for you to know after you are discharged from the Chester County Hospital.

Post Partum Discharge Instructions

Helpful information to understand the changes and the process of recovery that your body is going through after pregnancy.

Ob/Gyn Clinic Services

Through our Ob/Gyn Clinics in West Chester and Kennett Square, PA, Chester County Hospital offers gynecologic and obstetric care to those in need.

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